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Equipped with the best GMP factory of best quality progestin for cosmetic, health care and human nutritional products in China, it is able to supply you with top quality nutritional supplement, progestin USP/EP 99%, as well as the reactive intermediate of natural food supplements products.
By strict standing with the current GMP and tight QC procedures, with our skilled personal and special equipment, we saved the cost during production, make the manufacture effectiveness and also worked out with innovative pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic products. We also focus on the quality control and technology innovation. Wellgreen R&D Center has a dedicated professional team tracking every step in our production. Up to now our center has developed long term cooperation with the professors,experts from Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, engaging to the rearch and develop of the latest technology and new products.

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We are the high-tech corporation with GMP and ISO9001:2008 specializing in the production and research of Progestin and its intermediates, Nutritional Supplements for pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic industry, such as Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, Ulipristal Acetate, Coenzyme Q10, D-Biotin, Canthaxanthin etc. Learn more>>
Progestin is the female steroid hormone, which can promote female sexual maturity and secondary sex characteristic, and can maintain normal sexual desire and reproductive function.
Nutritional Supplement
The nutritional supplement are divided into nutritional products for human and nutritional products for animal
Nutritional Products For Human
Food additives are used to improve the foods delicious,and in order to the demands of preservation and processing techniques to add to the foods, which are natural or synthetic.Th
Nutritional Products For Animal
Feed additive is a kind of trace material which is added in the process of feed production and processing.It is added slightly in the feed, but the effect is significant. And it ha

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